• Gemini Surfactants based on Acetylenic Diols Chemistry
  • Gemini Surfactants significantly reduce surface tension of the Coating Media
  • STRATASURF – a formidable global player in the field of Performance Additives Formulations


GEMINI as a class of surfactants, are known to exhibit superior surface-active properties as compared against conventional surfactants of identical chain-length. Geminis are preferred as promising surfactants for use in almost any aqueous coating application, industrial detergents, cementitious applications in building & construction, metal working fluids etc.

Gemini surfactants find commercial utilization potential as their formulations impart cost-effectiveness due to extremely low dosage required for the desired performance. Expensive and premium Geminis may however be preferred as additives over the conventional ones to enhance the surface-active properties. It has thus been a challenge for our new-generation chemists to conduct interdisciplinary chemical research and exploiting their surface-active properties for effective applications.


About Us

StrataChem Specialities Pvt. Ltd., that brought to you brand of Foam Control Agents, now brings to you - a brand of Gemini Surfactants based on Acetylenic Diols technology.