About Us

StrataChem Specialities Pvt. Ltd., that brought to you brand of Foam Control Agents, now brings to you - a brand of Gemini Surfactants based on Acetylenic Diols technology.

Gemini Surfactants are formulations based on the most advanced chemistry ever used, to extract the best performance out of additives being used in aqueous coating applications – be it Decorative paints, Inks, Adhesives, Wood coatings and many more. The key to the success of Gemini Surfactants the world-over is their ability to significantly reduce surface tension of the coating media, thereby imparting a superbly uniform and smooth surface to the targeted substrate.

Be it STRATAFOAM or STRATASURF, we endeavor to give our customers supreme quality that is most cost-effective for them. We thrive to give our best, by using the best inputs in the world. We go that extra mile to ensure no compromise on quality and this has earned us a reputation of being a formidable global player in the field of Performance Additives formulations.

By now, our customers have known the faces behind the success of STRATAFOAM, yet a brief introduction here should help those who are new to STRATASURF.

Sandeep Vasa is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from UICT, Mumbai with over a couple of decades of experience in surfactant formulations. STRATAFOAM has thrived on his knowledge, experience and vision to identify new concepts in surfactants technology in vogue globally and to customize it locally to suit Indian industries.

Parag Jhaveri with over 15 years of experience in Relationship Management and Business Development in investment banking industry and for his love for chemistry since childhood years, brings with him novel ideas in marketing new concepts to the target industry. His networking capabilities come to the fore to create new markets for our products.